PALMA renews itself to face the challenges of the modern world, with the tradition and excellence that make it stand out.

We have adapted ourselves and are conscious of the new requirements we are all facing, as we have been able to meet successfully the arisen needs, maintaining our identity and roots.

Therefore, we have renovated our image with the name that reflects most accurately our tradition and quality, adapted to a modern and challenging world: PALMA1819.

Under the direction of our Senior Partner, Mr. Juan Eduardo Palma Jara, and our partners Juan Eduardo Palma Cruzat, Gabriel Palma Cruzat, Paz Palma Carrasco and Sergio Quesney Swinburn, supported by a team of highly qualified lawyers, we continue our task of providing all our clients with professional services of the highest standards, through comprehensive legal services. 

In order to face any challenge we may encounter, our law firm stands strong on its excellence tradition – both in the human and professional aspects- adapting our image, practices and client service to current times.

As always, our team is fully available to meet any legal need, revitalized with the necessary forward-looking vision, for the present as for the future.